Otto Link Mouthpiece Refacing

When people don’t like the sound of Otto Link Mouthpieces. Refacing works wonders!!!

The sound and response of a mouthpiece depends on many factors. Some of those factors are under your control. Those factors could be the condition of the reed you use and the muscular control you employ to create the sound you’re looking for.

The other factors you have no choice about lie within the mouthpiece.

Have a look at the picture below. From the light shining on the table of the mouthpiece you can see that the surface area is incredibly warped. It may not look like much, and if you wet your reed well, it will definitely play, but you won’t be happy with the sound and response of the piece.

There is no way that a properly faced mouthpiece could become as warped as this unless there was a problem at the time of manufacture. A mouthpiece that has been badly faced, on a piece of rubber that is stable will produce a table that is somewhat convex. The way the mouthpiece pictured has warped suggests that the rubber was not stabilized properly before the final touches in facing were completed.

If you really want to experience the sound of a mouthpiece at its best, the facing has to be completely flat.

Notice how the facing of the mouthpiece changes as the table is transformed.


A really fine grade finishes the table. Wow! It looks amazing.

Some extra work toward the tip will further improve the mouthpiece and give it the facing and tip opening measurements that the player is looking for.

Some of the most popular mouthpieces come from specialist makers who take care to finish their mouthpieces in this way. A finely finished mouthpiece will give a finer sound with much greater response… and it will be much more forgiving of faulty reeds, doubling the number of usable reeds you have.

Take a look at your current mouthpiece. Is it giving you its best? Has it warped aver time as it has aged? Come into the shop and have a chat with Noel about whether your mouthpiece could be providing more for your sound!