Crushed Trumpet Bell

It’s amazing to see the type of damage that arrives at the shop here. Have a look at the pictures of the trumpet below. I’m sure I couldn’t have done such a good job of it if I tried, but the kids seem to know how!


An instrument that is creased as much as this will normally have scars when the folds are removed.

Particularly sharp bends in the metal will remain much more clearly than the more rounded bends… and that is if the metal remains intact when it is straightened.

There is always the danger it will snap.

Check out the creases in the photos below.


The process of straightening out the creases in this case need some careful unfolding and tapping. And finally some rolling out will help to realign the entire surface and smooth things over a little.


Some marks are still visible from the unfolding process, but Noel has created a fantastic end result.


Reworking the metals on instruments for a smooth result is a specialty of Noel’s. If you have any dents or unintended bends in your instrument that you would like to have removed, chat with Noel about what can be done and what the result will be for your instrument.