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Cork grease ain’t cork grease!

La Tromba Cork Grease (3g or 15g)

The lip stick style cork grease is always a popular (but not good) option for greasing the cork/tenon joints of the clarinet, oboe, or neck cork on a saxophone.
This ‘grease’ is a no fuss and clean way to grease the joints, however the compound used has very poor lubricating qualities and can do 2 things:

1/ Destroy the glue holding the cork in place

2/ Not soak into the cork, instead sitting on top

For many years, La Tromba have made the leading cork grease, its lubricating quality is far superior. It soaks into the cork and doesn’t destroy the glue.
It protects the corks from moisture, remains smooth and all this by ideal lubricating properties.

La Tromba Cork & Slide Grease is a hight tech product among lubricants. It is very temperature-stable, ageing resistant and prevents jamming of the slides and corks. These outstanding qualities make it the ultimate grease for music instruments.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come in the lip stick style dispenser, but we feel this is a small compromise considering it actually works!

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