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It’s All In The Spring

Spring replacement: Spring replacement can be approached in many ways as springs make a massive difference to the feel and response of the mechanism. Mostly spring replacement is a repair, in that we are replacing a broken or rusted spring, this could be one or many springs. From time to time we get asked to […]

Assembling your Clarinet

Your Clarinet has 6 parts: The Bell, Lower Joint, Upper Joint, Barrel, Ligature and Mouthpiece. (Plus, the reed…makes 7 parts) Important to remember: 1. Your clarinet is not a toy it is a delicate musical instrument.2. You should always make sure your case is done up before you pick it up.3. The corks joints should […]

Oiling the Bore of Wooden Instruments

Many clarinets and Oboes are made of a rare and very dense timber often known as Grenadilla or African Blackwood, with a botanical name of Dalbergia melanoxylon. This timber is so dense it will sink in water and has a very strong resistance to the absorption of moisture. It is very important to care for […]

Legere – All you need to know

Légère reeds are engineered to sound and act like moist cane but with all the advantages and benefits of a synthetic. Never need to be soaked – they instantly respond right out of the box. They are unaffected by weather, temperature, or humidity. They are consistent and reliable – they always work and sound like […]

Basic Instrument Care Guide

General advice on maintaining your wind instrument in-between services: ALL wind instruments need some attention from time to time, so regular servicing is a great idea. About once a year to 18 months is about the right time for a general service, this would include clean, adjustments and lubrication of moving parts, and the replacement […]

Assembling your Flute

Your Flute has 3 parts: The Headjoint, The Body and The Footjoint. When assembling your flute, it is important to assemble the joints together in the correct way and never force the joints together. We believe that careful attention in assembling, and disassembling can reduce the damage/wear and tear that an instrument suffers thereby reducing […]

Cork grease ain’t cork grease!

La Tromba Cork Grease (3g or 15g) The lip stick style cork grease is always a popular (but not good) option for greasing the cork/tenon joints of the clarinet, oboe, or neck cork on a saxophone.This ‘grease’ is a no fuss and clean way to grease the joints, however the compound used has very poor […]

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