Flute Servicing & Repairs


Clean, Oil and Adjust (COA)
A professional COA or ‘Service’ is the single most important concern for keeping your flute in top playing condition and all flutes should undergo this this every 12 to 18 months. The procedure involves complete disassembly of the instrument. The body, headjoint and footjoint are thoroughly cleaned and polished. The keys are cleaned as well as possible without disturbing pads and bumpers. Springs are tested and replaced if necessary. The head cork is tested and replaced if needed. All organic parts (pads, corks, felts) are examined and replaced as needed. All mechanisms (including rods, rod screws, pivot screws, rollers and hinge tubes) are cleaned and oiled. Pads are re-shimmed as required to cover with a light touch. Key to key adjustment, key height and dead action are all regulated to exacting standards. The instrument is then thoroughly play-tested for confirmation and re-adjusted as necessary.

The guide below is approximate

Student Flutes and Piccolos $185 + parts
Intermediate Flutes and Piccolos $280 + parts
Professional Flutes and Piccolos $395 + parts

Repad, Mechanical Restoration, Overhaul
Flutes that have seen many years of playing, may require a full mechanical restoration in order to play properly. With this procedure the instrument is completely disassembled, including breaking down all pinned sections. The body, headjoint, footjoint and all of the keys are chemically hand cleaned and polished. Dents are removed for cosmetic, acoustical and mechanical reasons. Tone holes are corrected as needed and levelled. Springs are tested, adjusted or replaced if necessary. The head cork is replaced and adjusted. All pads and felts and corks are replaced with the highest-grade materials. All mechanisms (including rods, rod screws, pivot screws, rollers and hinge tubes) are cleaned and oiled. Keys are refitted as needed on student model instruments and to exacting tolerances on professional quality instruments. Pads are seated to cover with a light touch. Key to key adjustment, key height and dead action are regulated to exacting standards. We like to then re-examined for regulation, and thoroughly play-test.

Depending on the type/brand/condition of the flute and the type of pad required, a repad can vary from $600 to $1800. We are very happy to offer an accurate and free quote before commencing any work

Other Flute Repair Services
All work other than a COA or Mechanical Restoration is based upon examination and consultation. We’ll present you with a recommendation and an estimate reflecting time and materials prior to doing the work.



Our repair services range from simple adjustments to complete overhauls. Our process for padding is to use the incredibly detailed and time intensive technique called “shimming”, as this is the only true method to be utilized for a perfect seal.

We use a variety of the best pads available from gold plated Schmidt pads, straubinger style, and Lucien deluxe. We do not machine polish handmade flutes, but rather hand polish.

We offer a complete range of flute and piccolo repairs and services from minor adjustments to custom rebuilding including: dent work (from minor to extensive), aligning bent bodies, precision fitting of tenons, refitting of key mechanism (including re-pinning), re-soldering parts, MAG® testing, and much more!

Our repair department is the heart of our business, we have developed and continue to maintain a reputation for providing the highest quality repairs. We use only the best pads, supplies, and tools in the business, and are always researching and experimenting to ‘lift our level’ of ability and quality of our finished job.
We work toward a long-term solution for every problem, rather than a quick fix. Our primary goal is the client’s satisfaction.