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Woodwind Servicing & Repairs

There are mostly 2 different parts to working on woodwind instruments

1/ SERVICE : servicing a woodwind instrument should be done as a matter of course on all woodwind instruments every 12 to 18 months based on how often the instrument is used/abused. This process means that an instrument gets stripped down, ultrasonic cleaned, polished then reassembled checking all components (corks, felts, pads,rods/shafts, pivot points) replacing anything that is worn or degraded. We then regulate and lubricate the mechanism, making pad adjustments to ensure that the player can use a light finger touch. The instrument is then play tested and the case cleaned.

Servicing an instrument on a regular basis can avoid problems before they occur and make the instrument more pleasurable to play.

2/ REPAIR : For us at Blow Winds, repairing instruments is very common. Repairing an instrument is very different to servicing however we often do both together. When an instrument has been dropped, bent, damaged (often during assembly/disassembly) in some way, this is regarded as a repair. This is when we need to physically alter something with the mechanism or body of the instrument to allow the instrument to operate or look as it should.

Of course we offer other services like Complete overhaul/rebuild or customisation to make your instrument more comfortable or reliable.


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