Saxophone Neck Receiver Fabrication

Conn 6M Baritone Saxophone

This Conn 6M baritone sax was brought to us, with the neck receiver cracking and split, non-concentric and leaking. The result of the damage meant the neck was unstable and wobbly, not able to lock tightly or hold the neck at the players desired angle. The instrument leaked through the poorly fitting neck. The sound of the instrument was difficult to control, pitch was poor, articulation was non existent. The overall tone was lacking body and mass, something Conn 6M baritone saxophones are renowned for.

The only option for the instrument was to have the neck receiver assembly replaced. Since parts for fine vintage saxophones, and many other older instruments are longer in production, the required part were manufactured from raw materials.

Using a solid piece of brass round bar, both the inner neck tenon and outer tenon receiver were fabricated to fit the original factory specification and fit perfectly.

The baritone with the new parts partially created.

The two new parts fit together nicely. A tightening screw is also added to the receiver tenon.

The neck tenon soldered in position.

The finished product!