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Yanagisawa S-W01 Soprano Saxophone (Brass)


Made from newly engineered brass, the SWO1 has an improved sound that’s rife with richness and once combined with the re-designed bore and tone holes, you can hear the strong tonal core with flawless intonation.

The fresh design of the SWO1 has seen new front F keys, right side keys, and right pinky keys.  To ensure you can play efficiently and effectively, the C# and Bb keys have a rocking table/see-saw mechanism. This mechanism guarantees the easiest transition between these pitches. All of the centre arms on all Yanagisawa saxophones use special pointed pivot screws. These screws precisely maintain the stability of the centre arms and help achieve an exact action.

Yanagisawa pride themselves on exceptional build quality. This is why all of their instruments are hand built by experienced artisans in Japan. Small details like coating the octave mechanism in flouroresin to ensure the action is reliable without sticking, to redesigning the front F key for ease of fingering all come together to produce this magnificent instrument.

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Key: Bb
Range: Low Bb to High F#
Body: Brass
Bow: Brass
Bell: Brass
Keys: Brass
Finish: Lacquered
Neck: Brass
Neck Type: One Piece Instrument
Case: Fabric Covered, Woodshell case with outer pocket and Backstraps

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