Yanagisawa B-W030BSB Saxophone (Solid Silver Neck, Bell & Bow. Bell (Bronze-Silver Plated)

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Building on the success of the B992, the BWO30BSB is Yanagisawa’s improved baritone sax for professional musicians. With a solid silver neck and body, the BWO30BSB certainly stands out from the crowd. Unlike the B992, the keys are attached to the rib plate before being mounted onto the saxophone, resulting in improved resonance and tonal stability. Double arms on the bell keys lessen the chance of twisting or distortion of the tone hole cup – enabling reliable performance and tonal integrity. The mixture of solid silver and brass combined with the deluxe hand engraving, revised bore size, and white shell key tops create a magnificent instrument.

Yanagisawa has redesigned many elements of the baritone saxophone to make it a better instrument for advancing students and professionals alike. As standard octave key mechanisms can get sticky over time, Yanagisawa has used a fluororesin, non-stick coating to ensure a reliable action with no stickiness for years to come. The C# and Bb keys have been adapted to feature a rocking table (see-saw) mechanism that enables optimal speed and fluidity between these pitches. The BWO30BSB features metal, adjustable buffers which as opposed to a plastic material increases longevity and accuracy, as well as allowing players to have full aperture control of the bell tone holes.

Yanagisawa uses blue steel springs as opposed to stainless steel as they are more efficient and hold tension more effectively, enhancing the key action. Yanagisawa provides players with equipment that is flexible to play throughout most musical ranges, so when the baritone saxophone is being played in low ranges the pads will stay well sealed because of the F-auxiliary key that Yanagisawa use on the instrument.

The Yanagisawa BWO30BSB is made of a custom set of materials that provides a unique sound. The neck and body of the instrument are made from a stunning solid silver that adds clarity and warmth to the tone of the instrument. The brass bow and bell then aids the projection of the instrument, giving the lower notes plenty of projection and accuracy.

  • Key: Eb
  • Range: Low A to High F#
  • Body: Solid Silver
  • Bow: Solid Silver
  • Bell: Bronze (Silver Plated)
  • Keys: Brass
  • Finish: Lacquered
  • Neck: Solid Silver
  • Neck Type: Detachable Neck
  • Included Accessories: Leatherette Covered Woodshell Case + Yanagisawa Branded Ebonite Mouthpiece and Ligature
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Fluororesin-sleeved octave rocker
Lost motion is eliminated and smooth octave-key action is ensured by rounding the octave rocker ends and Fluororesin-coating the receiving sleeves they contact.

C#-Bb table key linkages
The seesaw linkage between the C# and Bb table keys facilitates faster, smoother fingering technique.

C#-B table key linkages
The additional slider mechanism between the C# and B table keys is a proprietary Yanagisawa design that allows smoother finger transitions between these notes.

Genuine mother-of-pearl touches
Indented mother-of-pearl key touches are attractive, afford the fingertips a more natural fit and feel, and are less slippery than plastic touches when wet.

Metal thumb hook & rest
Designed to make minimal point contact with the body, the thumb hook enables the instrument to resonate more freely while the brass thumb rest allows for smoother response and improved tonal balance.

Pointed pivot screws
For the utmost in precision and reliability, pointed pivot screws ensure that centre arms or hinge rods are an exact fit.

Sealed, waterproof pads
Airtight pads facilitate balanced, leak-free play while quality waterproofing extends pad service life.

Metal tone boosters
Pads equipped with metal tone boosters enhance tonal clarity and ensure excellent response at any volume, from pianissimo to fortissimo.

Needle springs
Blued-steel needle springs are more elastic than the stainless-steel variety, offer faster action and render a better command of difficult passages.

Tri-point brace
The tri-point bell-bow brace ensures structural stability and rigidity and enhances resonance even at fortissimo levels.

Adjustable vibration-damping bar
This enhancement dampens sympathetic vibrations in the right-hand F# key, thus stabilizing the production of notes in the lower register.

Double-arm keys
Dual arms prevent larger key cups from twisting or flexing under pressure and also improve durability.

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