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Renard Model 41 Bassoon


Redesigned in 1970, the Renard Model 41 provides a unique combination of playability, practicality, and durability.

It is built with the full German key system with a short reach plateau key for the left-hand ring finger.

The model 41 is suitable for beginning or middle school students and for budget-conscious schools and institutions.

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BORE – Long bore

BODY – Polypropylene. German bell (white ring). Body lock. Metal tubes extending into bore in finger holes on wing joint.

KEYWORK – Nickel silver key castings and machined key parts. Nickel plating.  Full German-system keywork.
Wing joint: 3rd finger LH plateau key.
Long joint: Rollers on Eb and Db.
Boot joint: Rollers on F and Ab keys

CROOKS – Nos 1 and 2, C bore

ACCESSORIES – New-look Fox case; can be worn as a backpack. Handrest, reed, reedcase, seat strap. Pull-through cleaners, care cloth.

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Molded Polypropylene


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