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Manhasset Acoustic Shield


The Manhasset 2000 Acoustic Shield is just so versatile.

It deflects sound to protect musicians from other musicians, can be used as a deflector for french horn players when placed behind the bell, can be positioned around percussion sections and used to manipulate or direct sounds towards the audience.

Made from clear Lexan polycarbonate it wont hamper visibility and its 1.5 inch ledge also allows this shield to be used as a music stand.

Height adjustable to 66 inches with a 22″ high x 26″ wide shield.

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Manhasset® Acoustic Shield

The 22″ high by 26″ wide shield is made of clear, durable Lexan polycarbonate. It is designed to effectively provide hearing protection to the musician stationed in front of other musicians, yet not causing impaired vision for the musician behind.

The unit’s height adjustment range will afford protection for the musician while sitting and, since, when extended, it has a height of 66 inches, it can also provide hearing protection to the standing musician. In addition to offering hearing protection for musicians playing in front of loud instrumentalists, shields can be easily positioned around percussion sections to reduce the hearing impact on other musicians. Beyond the benefits of acoustic shielding, this device also functions as deflector for french horn players, when placed behind the bell.

The shield contracts and folds down to a height of 37″ allowing it to be comfortably tucked away behind your chair when not needed. Also, the shield is equipped with a collapsible tripod base that makes it very portable and easily transported.

The Manhasset® Acoustic Shield also has a 1 1/2″ ledge, so it easily doubles as a fully-functioning music stand for directors or those desiring a larger music desk, yet not wanting to sacrifice visibility.

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