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Loree Dutch Oboe Thumb Rest


This silver plated extra-wide thumb rest is great for spreading out the weight of your instrument over a wider portion of your thumb. The plastic base plate helps to slightly widen your grip which can relax your hand muscles.

The included plastic thumb plate is contoured to fit the exterior of the oboe directly below the thumb rest. It can be attached non-permanently using double-faced tape, or permanently using the included silver plated screws. Most players use tape at first and spend a few hours finding exactly what position offers the most benefit. Many players never use the screws at all. Many players use the thumb rest and don’t use the thumb plate at all. Lots of choices!

The screw holes in the thumb rest are made to fit Loree instruments exactly. Simply unscrew the two screws that attach your current thumb rest and line up the screw holes. If they match up easily, use the new silver plated screws to reattach the new thumb rest. If they do not line up, don’t force them. Almost any general woodwind repair person can resize the rest to fit your oboe.

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