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K.Ge Student Intermediate Bassoon Reed


K.Ge Student Intermediate reeds use the same materials and same measurements as their premium line of reeds. K.Ge believe that their student line reeds would be more suitable for beginners to intermediate level embouchures.

The difference is being that their premium professional & standard line uses the cane density which is between medium hard ~ hard and student line reeds will use the cane density between medium hard ~ medium.


KGe Bassoon Reeds are carefully handcrafted using selected cane and precision techniques. They are known for their consistency, responsiveness, and balanced tone. Whether you are a student, amateur, or professional bassoonist, KGe reeds are designed to meet your specific needs and enhance your playing experience.

These reeds come in various strengths to accommodate different playing styles and preferences. It’s important to choose the right strength that suits your embouchure and playing abilities.

Remember, reeds can greatly impact your oboe playing, so finding the right one is crucial. KGe Bassoon Reeds provide a reliable option for bassoonists seeking consistent and high-quality reeds

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