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Humes & Berg 208 Tuba Symphonic Straight Mute (Large Bore)


The Humes & Berg Tuba Symphonic Straight Mute is an essential accessory for tuba players looking to achieve a muted sound in a symphonic setting. Designed specifically for large bore tubs, this straight mute fits snugly into the bell to produce a muted tone with excellent projection and clarity.

This mute is crafted with high-quality materials to ensure a superior sound and durability. The Symphonic Straight Mute is particularly suited for symphonic and orchestral performances, where a muted tuba sound may be required to blend with other instruments or create a specific musical effect. It allows for precise control over dynamics and articulation, enhancing the expressive capabilities of the instrument.

Whether you are a professional or student tuba player, the Humes & Berg Tuba Symphonic Straight Mute is a valuable tool to have in your arsenal for symphonic and orchestral performances, providing you with the versatility to explore different tonal colours and textures.

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Stonelined symphonic all-metal straight tuba mute.

  • Blows in tune
  • Free blowing
  • Stone lined

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Stonelined Aluminum


Straight Mute


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