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Humes & Berg 129 Trumpet Wee-Zee Mute


the Humes & Berg 129 Trumpet Wee-Zee Mute! What a fun and unique choice! This mute is perfect for trumpet players who want to explore a wide range of tonal possibilities.

The Humes & Berg 129 Trumpet Wee-Zee Mute is designed to create a distinctive buzzing sound. The Wee-Zee mute offers a beautiful narrow, wheezy, wha wha sound and is ideal for using in recording situations or live when up close and personal with the mic.

This mute is great for adding a touch of creativity and experimentation to your trumpet playing. Whether you’re performing jazz, funk, or even experimental music, the Humes & Berg 129 Trumpet Wee-Zee Mute will definitely add a fun and distinct flavor to your sound.

The legendary Humes & Berg mutes continue to be the choice of professionals and students worldwide. Made in the USA to the highest quality they offer a great range of effects for brass players to explore.


  • Wee-Zee Trumpet Aluminum Mute
  • This Mute is outstanding for up close mic work.
  • Produces a beautiful, narrow, wheezy, classic wha wha sound

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