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Humes & Berg 241 Trumpet Stonelined Swish Wah Mute


The Humes & Berg 241 Trumpet Stonelined Swish Wah Mute is a unique and versatile mute designed for trumpet players. This mute is commonly referred to as a “swish wah” mute due to its ability to create a swishing or wah-wah sound effect. The stonelined construction of the mute ensures a smooth and consistent sound quality. It is made with a lining that helps to dampen the sound while also protecting the instrument from scratches or damage.

The Humes & Berg 241 mute features a distinctive shape with a metal tube extending from the mute. This tube can be manipulated by the player to produce a variety of effects, such as a swishing sound or a wah-wah effect. This mute is often used in jazz and other musical genres where expressive sound effects are desired. It offers trumpet players the ability to add unique tonal colors to their playing and is a popular choice among professional musicians.


  • Swish Wha Aluminum Mute
  • Made of specially formulated aluminum alloy.
  • Produces an outstanding sound and tonal colour for your perfect performance.

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Aluminium, Black, Brushed Aluminium, Red & White


Stonelined Aluminum


Extending Tube Mute, Harmon Mute, Swish Wah Mute


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