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Humes & Berg 234 Trumpet Stonelined Snub Nose Practice Mute


The Humes & Berg 234 Trumpet Stonelined Snub Nose Practice Mute is a popular practice mute option for trumpet players. This mute is designed to reduce the volume of the trumpet while maintaining a rich and focused sound. It features a snub nose design, which means it has a shorter and more compact shape compared to other practice mutes.

The stonelined feature of the mute refers to the material used to construct it. Stonelined mutes are made with a lining that helps to create a smooth and consistent sound quality. The lining also helps to protect the instrument from scratches or damage.

The Humes & Berg 234 mute is known for its durability and high-quality construction. It fits securely into the bell of the trumpet and is easy to insert and remove. This practice mute is commonly used for quiet practice sessions, warm-ups, or when playing in situations where volume needs to be reduced, such as in apartments or late-night practice sessions.


  • Snub Nose Practice Mute
  • The perfect size; it’s fits in your pocket.
  • Easy blowing, absolutely no back-up!

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Black, Brushed Aluminium, Red & White


Stonelined Aluminum


Practice Mute


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