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Humes & Berg 160 Trombone Velvet-Tone (Bucket) Mute


The Humes & Berg 160 Trombone Velvet-Tone (Bucket) Mute is a popular mute used by trombonists to achieve a unique and warm sound. It is commonly referred to as a “bucket” mute due to its shape, which resembles a small bucket. The Velvet-Tone mute is made of high-quality materials and is designed to fit securely over the bell of the trombone. It is lined with a layer of velvet fabric on the inside, which helps to dampen the sound and produce a mellow and velvety tone.

The Humes & Berg 160 is known for its excellent intonation and response, making it a popular choice among trombonists looking to add a distinctive sound to their playing. One of the most classic mutes of all time. The Humes & Berg has been the go-to Bucket Mute for decades and it has been used by professional Trombonists since the glory days of the Big Bands, such as Ellington and Basie, through to current-day users at all levels.



  • Known as Velvet-Tone mute
  • Also known as a “Bucket Mute”
  • Genuine Humes & Berg USA product
  • Gives a soft warm sound, ideal for Big Bands and muted solo work
  • Fabulous big full open sounds like velvet; takes off hard edge of open brass
  • Perfect for section or solo work plus produces extraordinary blends with saxes.

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