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Humes & Berg 155 Trombone Glenn Miller Plunger Mute


The Humes & Berg 155 Trombone Glenn Miller Plunger Mute mute is perfect for capturing that iconic big band sound made famous by the legendary trombonist, Glenn Miller.

The Humes & Berg 155 Trombone Glenn Miller Plunger Mute is designed to fit comfortably in your hand and offers versatile playing options. By using different hand positions and techniques, you can control the tone and create unique effects, from the classic “wah-wah” sound to subtle variations in timbre.

Whether you’re playing in a jazz ensemble, swing band, or simply want to explore the vintage sound of the big band era, this mute will add a touch of nostalgia to your trombone playing. Get ready to transport yourself and your audience back in time!

The Humes & Berg Tuxedo Plunger is made in the USA and is a high quality hard style plunger. Made within the Stonelined series of Humes & Berg mutes this Glenn Miller style plunger is a classic design with a holding handle for easy use and a flocked interior for slight sound absorption.

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  • Glenn Miller Tenor Trombone Plunger Mute
  • Humes & Berg Mute No.155
  • Comes with handle on top for easy carrying and use
  • Flocked interior to absorb sound
  • Tough, durable Stonelined series design
  • Suitable for most types of Tenor Trombone
  • Also known as a “Pocket Mute”

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