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Humes & Berg 153 Trombone Cleartone (Solotone) Mute


The Humes & Berg 153 Trombone Cleartone (Solotone) Mute is perfect for trombonists looking to add a touch of color and character to their playing.

The Humes & Berg 153 Trombone Cleartone (Solotone) Mute is designed to create a distinct tonal quality known as the “Solotone” effect. It offers a clear and bright sound that can cut through the mix, making it ideal for solo performances or when you want to stand out in an ensemble.

This mute features a unique design with multiple openings that can be adjusted to create different tonal variations. By experimenting with the placement of your hand over the openings, you can produce a range of tonal colors and effects, adding a whole new dimension to your trombone playing.

Whether you’re performing classical, jazz, or any other genre, this mute will certainly help you explore and push the boundaries of your musical expression

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  • Also known as a “Solotone Mute”
  • It is a brilliant and mellow soprano distinctive sound that projects out clearly
  • Gives a desired tonal effect for the soloist and a complete brass section.

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