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Humes & Berg 131 Flugel Horn SH! SH! Practice Mute


The Humes & Berg Flugel Horn SH! SH! Practice Mute is a valuable accessory for flugel horn players looking to practice quietly without disturbing others. This practice mute effectively reduces the volume of the instrument while maintaining its characteristic tone quality.

The SH! SH! Practice Mute is specifically designed to fit flugel horns, ensuring a secure and snug fit. It features a unique design that allows for easy insertion and removal, making it convenient to use during practice sessions.

Not only does this mute decrease the volume, but it also provides resistance similar to playing at full volume. This allows players to maintain their embouchure and technique while practicing at lower volumes. It is an excellent tool for building endurance, improving intonation, and honing overall playing skills.

Constructed with durable materials, the Humes & Berg Flugel Horn SH! SH! Practice Mute is built to withstand frequent use. Its compact size also makes it easy to transport, making it a convenient option for on-the-go practice.

In summary, the Humes & Berg Flugel Horn SH! SH! Practice Mute offers flugel horn players an effective and portable solution for practicing quietly. Its ability to reduce volume without compromising tone quality makes it a valuable accessory for any flugel horn player who wants to work on their playing skills without causing disturbance.

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  • Mannie Klein Practice Flugel Horn Mute
  • Free easy blowing.
  • Practice in a hotel room, warm up before a gig without disturbing anyone.

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