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Humes & Berg 186 Flugel Horn Cup Mute


The Humes & Berg 186 Flugel Horn Cup Mute is easy to use and provides a good balance between projection and muting effect. Its high-quality construction ensures longevity, making it a worthy investment for trumpet players looking to explore new tonal possibilities.

It is commonly used in jazz, orchestral, and chamber music settings, offering a unique tonal color that can add depth and emotion to your playing. Whether you’re looking to experiment with different tonal colors, or you need a mute to blend in with an ensemble, the Humes & Berg 186 Flugel Horn Cup Mute is worth considering.

The Humes & Berg Co have been making these Stonleined mutes since 1935. Featuring on countless recordings over the years they are instantly recognisable by the unchanged red and white colour scheme.

This 186 Flugel Horn Cup Mute suits most models of Flugel Horn and many players use them all through their professional lives.

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  • Flugelhorn Cup Mute
  • Play with rich, big open cup mute tones.
  • Free and easy blowing in all registers. Excellent for solo or section work.

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Stonelined Fiber


Cup Mute


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