French Horn Bell Stem Replacement

Here’s the downside to having a detachable bell on your French Horn.

One-Piece French Horns can make transport of the instrument cumbersome and many people come to see Noel to change their instruments into 2-piece horns, with a detachable bell.

This can cut down on the difficulties of owning a French Horn, but can can also invite possibilities for other problems.

The long piece of tube making up the bell stem on this instrument was twisted when the bell was attached too tightly.

In this case, it was more expensive to try to undo the damage that was done.

The old, twisted bell stem is removed from the french horn, along with all the braces, which you can see at the bottom right hand side of the picture below.

A new part was ordered from the manufacturer, along with the guard to protect the outer edge of the instrument…

… everything is strapped into place, for soldering…

… and here you can see the process completed.

A little cleaning up makes it look like new.

The bell stem is then reattached to the rest of the instrument and kept in place by reattaching all the bracing that was removed at the beginning. You can see all the extra bracing by the pink colouring left from the soldering process.

After polishing the instrument, it’s ready to have all the slides reassembled.

For any queries about changes or modifications to your instrument, be sure to have a chat with the guys in the workshop here, to learn what the process will involve and what it will mean for you and your music.