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Flute G# Key Extension Reversal

Here’s a small alteration that was made to a Cooper-Brennan flute by Noel.

The flute has already previously been modified to extend the G# key. The owner of the flute now wanted to have it shortened back to its original size.


The first step is to take out the extra length.

Next it needs to be set up for brazing. Sometimes this needs a little balancing.

And here is the result immediately after brazing.

Before cleaning up the key, and replacing the G# pad, it is fitted back on the flute to make sure that everything is in the right place.

… and here’s the finished product, ready to go.

The fact is that people come in all shapes and sizes, but most flutes are more-or-less the same. Instruments that require stretching and unnatural hand-positioning have often been the cause of CTS, tendonitis and joint problems. Flutes with Off-set G have gone some way to catering for the majority of people, but many people still prefer to make specific modifications to allow a relaxed hand position. An improved hand position often relates to improved technique and better performance.

If you are thinking about having modifications to your instrument, to cater for your own needs, feel free to have a chat with us here.


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