These New Flute pads are the most innovative design idea that we have seen for a long time!
Jim Schmidt has replaced the skin of traditional pads with a gold-infused film. The reflective properties of gold will help to create a focused, well-centered tone that is rich, resonant, and warm.

Many people say that the Pure Gold Sax Pads have the best sound they have ever heard.

Apart from this the reliability of the pads is second to none, we believe the pads could last many times longer than any other pad, at a slightly higher initial outlay on the repadding of the flute, you will really see the benefits in the years to come!

About Gold Flute Pads

JS Gold pads are the best sound producing, longest lasting and most stable pads you can have in your flute. The thin film that covers the pads affects the tone of your flute and the tonal qualities of Gold are well known to be beneficial. Now you can enhance the tone of your flute by replacing tone deadening animal skin with Gold which is more acoustically reflective and resonant. Bladderskin absorbs some of your precious sound and energy. Gold reflects all of that beautiful sound to the listening audience. What you get is a focused, wellcentered tone that is rich, resonant and warm. Recover your lost tone by installing reliable JS Gold pads – it’s the best thing you can do for your flute.

The feedback we get from professional musicians is that the tone of Gold pads is more musical and beautiful than bladderskin, that it is richer, rounder and more clearly focused. Bladderskin has a dry, buzzy sound. Gold adds depth and color to the tone. Switching to Gold pads can give you as much tone improvement as you would get from switching to a higher quality headjoint.

The gold particles are embeded in the film so they will not wear away. These pads will stand the test of time and provide excellent service long after bladderskin pads have split and fallen apart.

Alexa Still, Jim Walker, Hubert Laws, Robert Dick and Bill McBirnie are top players who have switched to Gold pads. Hundreds of other players are also enjoying the benefits of Gold pads. The response has been overwhelmingly positive.